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Common questions infographic, fun rhymes, useful free websites, common errors videos

Click on the underlined websites below to access these fantastic resources!

FREE RICE!- this is a fun quick way to practice vocab. AAAAAND for every right answer they donate 10 grains of rice to the World Hunger Program!!! - this website has EVERYTHING from pronunciation to grammar and practice activities to go along with it!

Zambombazo - chock-full-o music, interviews, grammar and miaucoles memes, who can resist learning from this tempting website!

Newsela - FREE Spanish news articles on the latest noticias out there! Bonus, you can change the lexicon level to fit your reading ability!

Lyrics Training - fantastic way to improve your listening skills through Spanish songs!

Peti Te Ayuda - on Instagram has the cutest easiest videos for pronunciation and grammar.

Duolingo: below are the codes to join a class, remember you get extra credit for every 5 lessons you complete!

Quizlet: search my vocab. sets or make one of your own, just be sure to spell the words correctly!

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