My 8th graders are learning about Sports and Pastime activities right now. They are hesitant to speak because you know, 8th grade... The only thing that comes to mind when they complain about speaking is the line from Carrie, "They're all gonna laugh at you!" Even though we've done speaking activities with partners, on flipgrid and one on one with me; this was the first time they had to present in front of the class.

I found this PowerPoint years ago by Dawlondon on Tes. I modified it to fit the vocab and learning targets of our curriculum. Here is my modified version of it.... Quieres Salir Presentation with a rubric

It took us 2 days to go over the first few review slides and then they had 10 min. to create their own version. I collected and proofread them and handed them back the next day so they could fix their mistakes. Then they had the rest of the period to practice and memorize them. I let them take the conversations home over the weekend and we presented them on Monday. They did a great job and it really helped with breaking them of the fear of messing up or speaking in front of others. The video below is the only one I was able to get, they make mistakes but that's a natural part of the learning process.

We hope you enjoyed this quick blog post and that you get lots of use out of it!

XOXO Holy Frijoles