Free time activities

chapter 4

Free time Activities, Hobbies, Weather, Family, Tener Expressions, Present Tense Verb Conjugation, Stem Changing Verbs, Irregular yo form verbs, Ir + a + Infinitive.

Chapter 4.1 Vocabulary link - school, classes and school supplies

Chapter 4.2 Vocabulary link - free time activities



Ir + a + infinitive

-er & -ir verb conjugation:

POEMA DIAMANTE- below are the instructions for what you need to write on each line

1. your name

2. 2 adjs. that don't describe you

3. 3 adjs. that describe you

4. 4 things you LIKE or WANT to do every day (use gustar)

5. 3 things you like to do, when and with whom in what season (conjugate your verbs)

6. 2 things you never do (conjugate your verbs)

7. Así soy yo

Include at least 6 images

Hay- there is /there are

Tener expressions

Go verbs or Irregular yo form verbs